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Every dog is unique! Not only in its character and behavior, but also in its nutritional needs. Therefore, Riverwood has different variants. 

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Trial package for your dog

The advantages of Riverwood!


No use of artificial odourings, colourings and flavourings. These preservatives can result in unpleasant health problems.

100% natural


Cereals and gluten are often used as "fillers". This provides a lot of volume, but little energy. Without cereals and gluten, there is more space available for energy-rich components.

No grains or gluten

Rich in meat or fish

The digestive tract of pets is built to digest meat. Meat is therefore an easily digestible source of protein for our faithful companions. It is also rich in essential vitamins and minerals.

Rich in meat or fish

Only free-range meat

Riverwood not only puts the interests of our pets first, but of all animals. Therefore, all meat comes from free-range animals.

Free-range meat

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