This is Riverwood.

"You are what you eat": A dutch saying with a lot of meaning in it. The right nutrition helps us feel fit and vital. The same goes for animals.

"When you consciously choose the best nutrition for yourself every day, you also want only the very best for your children and pets," explains John Sars, director of Johnson Petfoods (the company which created Riverwood). "That has been the basis for Riverwood.

That's why Johnson Petfoods developed the Riverwood brand. A complete line of dog and cat food that uses only the best ingredients. Pure, artisanal and made with love.

The best of all worlds

Riverwood brings together the best of all worlds. There are six types of Riverwood dog food, and six types of Riverwood cat food. Each variety contains three hypoallergenic sources of protein. The meat we use for Riverwood originates from animals that have been able to walk around freely, which has allowed them to have a dignified existence and develop better muscles. This in turn has a beneficial effect on the quality of the meat.

At Riverwood, we do not use any grains or potatoes. Instead we have chosen to use yellow peas because of the low glycemic index. These carbohydrates are digested slowly, which is better for a healthy and stable blood sugar level. In addition, Riverwood contains a rich blend of powerful herbs, a balanced selection of fruits and vegetables and of course no artificial aromas, colors or flavors".
Johnson Petfoods (the company which created Riverwood) is a family business with years of expertise in the field of animal nutrition. Would you like to know how Riverwood expanded internationally? You can read about it here below!

The start

John Sars, founder of Riverwood, says that also animals feel more fit and vital with the right food. This was the reason to create Riverwood. If we as owners are conscious about our food, why is there no 100% natural and conscious food for dogs and cats on the market?  

The design

But... how is Riverwood created?

It took quite a long time to develop Riverwood. “As an importer, we are involved in the process from the development of the food to the packaging. We have looked intensively at the market and the interests of consumers and nutritionists,” says John. “We considered, weighed, tested and discussed all the top ingredients from good dog and cat food, as well as statements that we heard or read from dog experts, veterinarians or behavioral therapists. In the end, we only processed the very best of nature in Riverwood.” This keeps the food as pure as possible: high meat percentages, no grains and gluten and no artificial fragrances, colors and flavors. This way we can bring your pet closest to nature, with medicinal and supporting ingredients.


So… Riverwood is very unique?

For sure!”, says John Sars. For both dogs and cats there are six different kinds of food. Because… dogs and cats with intolerances or allergies also deserve high-quality food. Moreover, everybody has his own taste, and this also applies to your pet!

“We are determined to inspire as many people as possible to choose consciously for the welfare of their dog or cat, so they can build together a healthy and sustainable future. We don’t sell dreams, we let you realize them with your dog or cat.”

Quality first

When Riverwood was introduced, the products were only available in high-quality specialist pet food stores in Holland. However, this decision was made consciously, as they offer a range of services and lots of expertise. After the rapid expansion, the webshop could not stay in absence!

International expansion

The vision and approach of Riverwood works. Riverwood is now expanding internationally. “Both the US and Russia are getting to know the products from Riverwood, which makes us very proud. We are still not finished with expanding and we hope to make more pets happy and satisfied!
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