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Reward treats of Riverwood.

At Riverwood you can choose from a varied range of delicious dog snacks. Our snacks for dogs are not only tasty,…

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FAQ / Frequently asked questions

  • Almost all dogs love a snack. However, every dog has its own preferences when it comes to taste. It is up to you, the owner, to find out exactly what your dog likes and what flavours he prefers. You can determine this by observing how your dog reacts to a snack that is served to him; if he picks at it straight away, then the snack is obviously to his liking! If he leaves it lying around or if he does not accept it immediately, it might be better to look for another snack.

    We advise you not to reward your dog with food, but to use a snack. This way, your dog gets something other than his normal kibble, which will be an extra incentive to try harder. Our crispy dog snacks and semi-moist dog snacks are an ideal reward for your dog when, for example, he is being brought up or trained. 

    Dried dog snacks are perceived as tasty by dogs and it is an adventurous snack that your dog can enjoy. In addition, the strong smell of dried snacks often arouses interest, so it is important to choose snacks with a strong aroma.

  • Dogs sometimes get too many calories from treats. If you are not careful with the amount of treats you give your dog, it can easily become overweight. This is something that, as an owner, you want to avoid!

    You do not always realise how many snacks you give your dog each day. Treats and snacks should only make up 10% of a dog's daily calories. Dogs love snacks and owners love to spoil their dogs. It is a way of bonding with your four-legged friend, but think about your dog's health.

    You also need to consider the risks associated with certain snacks. Chewy snacks in particular can be dangerous if a dog swallows them whole.  But also when a chewy snack is too small for a dog, the four-legged friend can swallow it whole, which means there is a risk of suffocation. Always give chewy snacks only under supervision and keep an eye on your dog when giving one! In addition, make sure that there is always plenty of fresh drinking water.

  • When we think of snacks, we often think of unhealthy fattening foods. This is not always true, because there are plenty of tasty and healthy snacks for your dog. A healthy snack is indispensable for your dog, it is good for his teeth, handy while training with your dog and just as tasty as a snack.

    Almost all dogs love a tasty snack, a healthy dog snack is of course the best for your dog. But what exactly is a healthy snack? Healthy snacks contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. In addition, the digestibility of the snack is very important, so choose a low-fat or grain-free dog snack with a high meat content. This way you can reward your dog in a responsible way.

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