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Cat food of Riverwood.

Riverwood cat food is high quality cat food in the highest segment of the market. Our cat food distinguishes itself by…

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Grain free cat food

Because cats are carnivores by nature, just like dogs, Riverwood has chosen to  only offer grain-free cat food. Grain-free cat food in combination with a high meat content is advantagous for digestibility. Our kibbles have a meat content of no less than 50%.

Hypoallergenic cat food

If you have a cat with a certain allergy or hypersensitivity to certain ingredients, then hypoallergenic cat food is the perfect solution. Hypoallergenic cat food has a unique source of protein. This means, a source of protein that is usually not found in 'normal' cat food. Where 'normal' cat food often contains chicken or beef, we use meat from lamb, deer, salmon and reindeer. At Riverwood, we use no less than three unique sources of protein for our hypoallergenic cat food. The chance that a cat reacts negatively to this is then very small. For example, if your cat has skin or coat problems, we recommend Riverwood Derma Kat. 

Cat food for every cat

Not every cat is the same and therefore every type of cat has a different nutritional need. That is why we have developed no less than 6 varieties of cat food that meet the different nutritional needs of a cat. 

Indoor cat

If you have an indoor cat, we recommend our Indoor recipe. The composition of this feed is perfectly attuned to the lower energy needs of indoor cats. This prevents that the weight of your cat increases. 

Outdoor cat

For the more active outdoor cat we have the Outdoor recipe. This food helps to support the natural immunity and ensures a healthy weight maintenance of your cat. 

Cats with skin or problems

Do you have a cat with hair loss, itching, red skin or a dull coat? Then Riverwood Derma Cat is the solution. This food has the perfect recipe to combat these problems. 

The neutered cat

Riverwood Sterilised Kat is a cat food specially designed for neutered cats. These cats usually have a lower energy requirement and therefore this has been taken into account in the composition of the recipe. It helps to lower the Ph value in the urine which contributes to a healthy weight. 

Large cat breeds

We also thought about the larger cat breeds. If you own for example a Maine Coon, Ragdoll or Norwegian Forest Cat, we advise you to choose for Riverwood Large Breed. This food contains all the necessary ingredients for big cats. Also, the kibbles are a bit larger for the cats that are startled. 


Riverwood food for kittens contains all the necessary nutrients that are especially important for a cat in the beginning. We recommend our kitten food for young cats from 1 to 12 months of age. 

Would you like to buy healthy cat food?

People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of healthy food and therefore healthy cat food. Because cats also deserve the very best. We believe that healthy cat food has to meet certain standards and that's what we produce. For example, good cat food contains a lot of meat and no grains and gluten for good digestibility. In addition, it should not contain any artificial odors, colors or flavors. Riverwood cat food meets all these requirements. 

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

  • At Riverwood, we believe that the best cat food consists mainly of (fresh) meat. Furthermore, the best cat food is low in grains, or preferably grain-free. Large amounts of grains are not part of the natural diet of cats. The digestive system is not designed to optimally digest grains. In addition, cats can have a food allergy or intolerance related to grains. By avoiding grains in the diet, you can eliminate this kind of negative reaction to the food.

    A high meat content in the food is also important for your cat's health. Cats are obligatory carnivores and should be fed a diet with a high meat content. This is because meat contains certain essential amino acids for these small quadrupeds.

  • Riverwood only has 100% natural cat food in its range, which means that the food is free from artificial aromas, colours and flavours. Our food is specially adapted to the nutritional needs of your cat and supports health in a natural way. Each variant contains three different types of meat. This meat comes from Free Run or Free Range animals, which means that these animals have had the opportunity to roam freely; this in turn contributes to a better quality of life, but also to good muscle building. The protein sources used in Riverwood are mostly unique protein sources such as reindeer, rabbit or wild boar.

    The food has a high meat content and only high quality meat is used. This means that it is mainly muscle meat that is used and that there are no animal by-products. By using high quality meat and no animal by-products, Riverwood cat food is highly digestible.

    Naturally, the cat food is grain and gluten free. The food uses yellow pea as a carbohydrate source, which has a low glycemic index, meaning that carbohydrates are broken down slowly. This contributes to a healthy and stable blood sugar level.

    Finally, Riverwood cat food uses natural health supporting ingredients. These include sage, which serves as a natural flavouring or the addition of rosemary extract, which is rich in various powerful antioxidants.

  • On the back of each Riverwood cat food package you will find a nutrition table. This table shows you the recommended daily amount of food for your cat. The amount of food your cat needs per day may differ from the recommended daily allowance. This depends on the age, the environment and the level of activity of your little four-legged friend. If your cat eats a little more or a little less than indicated in the feeding table, this is no reason to worry.

    It is important, however, that you keep a close eye on your little one's weight. If it loses weight, you can give it more food. If your cat is gaining weight, you can reduce the recommended daily amount of food. If your cat is already overweight, start from the desired weight and read the recommended daily amount for this weight in the feeding table.

    As well as dry food, it is important to make sure your cat always has plenty of fresh drinking water available.

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