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Wet food

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Wet food for dogs.

Riverwood wet food for dogs is full of meat and is 100% natural. Every type of wet food contains 1 unique…

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Does your dog have a loss of appetite?

If your dog has a bad appetite, good wet food can offer the solution. Wet food is often experienced by dogs as very tasty. This is because wet food has a stronger odor than kibbles, so dogs with a poor appetite often prefer wet food to kibbles. In addition, wet food for dogs can easily be combined with kibble. Moreover, wet food can provide your dog with a variety of new flavors and nutritious ingredients.

Wet food for good hydration.

Riverwood wet food contributes to the hydration of your dog. The moisture content is between 60 and 84%. Therefore, wet food can help to keep your dog hydrated, because the moisture content is much higher than that of dry food. Increasing your dog's water intake helps to reduce stress on important organs, such as the kidneys and urinary tract.

In addition, animals with urinary problems benefit from extra moisture absorption. For these pets, it is extra important that they absorb sufficient moisture, as this can reduce the risk of bladder stones, bladder stones and cystitis.

A good solution for senior dogs.

Finally, our wet food can make chewing easier for a dog with dental problems. It seems that particularly older dogs suffer from this problem more often. It can therefore help to give wet food or to mix it with dry food. If you see that your dog is having trouble eating kibbles, adding a can of wet food can be a good solution. To make it even easier to eat dry food, possibly in combination with wet food, you can choose to soak the kibble in water before giving it to a senior dog.

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