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Dry dog food of Riverwood.

Looking for nutritious dog food? At Riverwood you can choose from a wide range of healthy dry dog food with…

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Grain free dog food.

Grain-free dog food is the standard at Riverwood. We are very conscious of the fact that a dog is a carnivore by nature. Therefore his intestines are not suitable for digesting ingredients such as grains, wheat and gluten. Moreover, grains often cause allergic reactions in dogs. We have therefore consciously chosen for dog food without grains.

Dog food with lots of meat.

If you're looking for natural dog food with lots of meat, you've come to the right place at Riverwood. We are big supporters of dog nutrition with a high meat percentage because we believe that the digestive system of a dog is designed for the digestion of meat. Animal proteins are easy to digest for dogs, and contain a wide range of essential amino acids for the animals. These amino acids are needed, among other things, for growth, development of body tissue and to keep the muscles in good condition. 

Free-range meat

We only use ''free-range'' meat sources. This means that the animals were able to walk around freely, which gave them a better quality of life. Moreover, the muscle development of these animals is better than of animals that have not had the opportunity to move freely. A better muscle development ensures a good quality of meat, which also gives a delicious taste.

Hypoallergenic dry food

Riverwood only has hypoallergenic dog food in its range. Each recipe consists of three unique, hypoallergenic protein sources. The protein sources are unique because they do not occur in 'regular' dog food. Most dogs have food allergies related to beef or chicken, so you won't find these proteins in our dog food recipes. Our hypoallergenic kibble is specially designed to prevent the risk of allergic reactions in dogs. Does your dog have a food allergy? Try one of the hypo-allergenic dry dog food recipes of Riverwood.

Do you want to buy healthy dog food?

A healthy diet makes a happier life. This also applies to your dog's life. Healthy dog food should contain a lot of meat and should be free of grains, wheat and gluten. In addition, no artificially substances should be added and are of course the food should be made from the best ingredients. Riverwood dog food meets all of these requirements. Our range contains a wide variety of delicious recipes. Think for example of kibbles with deer, lamb, pheasant, reindeer or salmon. So don't wait any longer and order your Riverwood dog food directly from our official brandstore. 

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

  • When you have a puppy, you need to determine the recommended daily amount in a different way than when you have an adult dog. You will need the following information to determine the recommended daily food allowance:

    • The age of your puppy
    • The weight of your puppy at maturity

    You can look at the weight of one of the parents for the adult weight; the mother if you have a bitch and the father if you have a dog. But you can also look up the average adult weight in the breed standard of your dog.

    The following example will show you how to determine the recommended daily intake for a puppy.

    We have a four-month-old Rottweiler puppy, a male. The information required is then as follows:

    • Age: 4 months
    • Weight at maturity: 50-60 kg (average 55 kg)

    We then look in the feeding table in the row (age months), at 4-6 months, and in the column (adult body weight), at 50 and 60 kg. A Rottweiler puppy, male, can then be given 450 grams per day, when weighing 55 kg.

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