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Riverwood "Caviar for Cats" is prepared using only 100% natural ingredients, carefully selected from the finest raw materials: genuine tuna fillets,…

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Wet food versus dry food

As its name suggests, wet food is a food that contains a lot of moisture. The moisture content of wet food is between 70 and 80%, which is many times higher than that of dry food, which has a moisture content of around 10%. Feeding wet food has several advantages for cats, for instance wet food can be beneficial for cats with urinary tract problems or for fussy eaters.

Benefits of wet food for cats

Due to the high moisture content, the cans of Caviar for Cats contribute to better hydration of cats. Cats drink very little water by themselves. This is because the ancestors of our little four-legged friends often lived in dry areas, which is why felines' bodies are built to lose as little moisture as possible.
If you give your cat 1 or 2 cans of wet food every day, a large part of its fluid requirement is already covered by the high moisture content of the food.

Cats' low fluid intake also has a major drawback: it increases the likelihood of bladder stones forming. This is because bladder stones or stones can form more quickly in very concentrated urine. Supplementing your cat's daily menu with two cans of Caviar for Cats wet food will automatically ensure that your cat gets more fluids. In turn, this reduces the chances of bladder stones forming.
Note: although the cause is not yet fully understood, some cats are more susceptible to developing bladder stones than others. By feeding your cat wet food on a daily basis, you can reduce the risk of getting bladder stones or stones, however, this does not mean that a cat can no longer get bladder stones at all.

Finally, wet food is suitable for cats with sensitive or missing teeth. It is easier for these animals to eat soft wet food than hard/crispy cat food. Since Riverwood wet food is a complementary food, it is important to keep supplementing the cans of wet food with Riverwood's complete cat food. If your cat has sensitive teeth or is missing teeth, you can soak these kibbles in water for a while and then give them to your cat.

Wet food for fussy eaters

Cats are known to be fussy when it comes to food. Taste and texture of food are very important for these animals. Due to its artisanal preparation, Riverwood's wet food has a great taste and texture for cats. In addition, wet food has a stronger smell than kibble, for example, this strong smell can encourage cats to eat faster. If you have a fussy four-legged friend, try supplementing your cat's diet with a delicious can of Riverwood Caviar for Cats.

Fish from controlled fisheries

That Riverwood Caviar for Cats is a real complementary treat for cats is evident from the fact that each can contains no less than 51% tuna fillet. Tuna fillet that comes from sustainable and controlled fisheries. The other types of fish processed in the wet food, including salmon, sea bass, dolphinfish, are also sourced from sustainable and controlled fisheries.
Moreover, no drift nets are used when catching the tuna. This contributes to the safety of dolphins.

Besides the fact that the fish comes from sustainable fisheries, we at Riverwood have also paid attention to sustainable packaging. For instance, we deliberately chose an aluminium can which is completely recyclable!

Buy healthy cat food?

A healthy diet has a positive impact on the well-being of cats. Healthy cat food has a high meat or fish content and does not contain large amounts of grains. In addition, healthy food contains no artificial additives such as fragrance, colour, or flavourings. Riverwood's food naturally meets these conditions. With us, you can choose from a varied range of cat food.

FAQ / Frequently asked questions

  • At Riverwood, we believe that healthy wet food for cats should consist of honest ingredients. These are ingredients that are 100% natural. We also believe that a high meat or fish content suits cats' nutritional needs. To make the food extra tasty, the ingredients of healthy wet food are combined with a responsible jelly or broth.

  • Yes indeed, cats are not naturally good drinkers. It is therefore important to make sure your cat gets enough fluids. A big advantage of wet, or canned, food is its high moisture content; wet food contains as much as 70-80% moisture. If you supplement your cat's daily diet with 1 or 2 cans of wet food, you automatically ensure that your four-legged friend gets more fluids. This has a positive impact on your cat's urinary tract health.

  • At Riverwood, we recommend giving your cat one can of wet food daily. This way, you maintain your cat's moisture levels. Among other things, this helps reduce the risk of bladder stones.

  • It is not the case that dry food is better than wet food by default. It is always important to look carefully and critically at the ingredients of a food to determine its quality. At Riverwood, for example, we believe that healthy cat food should be 100% natural, should not contain large amounts of grains and should have a high meat or fish content.

    Because wet food, unlike dry food, helps cats absorb moisture better, we always recommend combining dry food with wet food. This way, you can maintain your cat's moisture levels better than if you feed dry food alone.

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