We are Johnson Petfoods

Johnson Petfoods is the name of the company which created Riverwood. We are a Dutch family business with a genuine passion for healthy food for cats and dogs.

We are an importer / distributor of healthy food for cats and dogs. Our products are sold by the better pet stores. These stores have been carefully selected by us for their quality, craftsmanship and excellent service. You can contact these specialists with all your questions about all our products, and get good advice about the best nutrition and healthy snacks for your dog or cat. Together with these whoppers, we ensure the well-being of your cat or dog.

Working together on the well-being of cats, dogs and their owners, that is our mission.

Delivering healthy, balanced dog and cat food based on natural ingredients is our specialty.


We believe in healthy animal nutrition. Because good nutrition can prevent many health problems such as dry, itchy skin, a dull coat and piles of faeces. All our food products contain a relatively large amount of meat and are either low in grain or 100% grain-free. It is pure, traditional and made with love.

Only the best ingredients

As mentioned above, all our products are either low in grain or completely grain free. We do not use artificial fragrances, colors or flavors. We do not use artificial preservatives and are not prepared to compromise when it comes to the quality of our products.


At Johnson Petfoods we are a bit stubborn, and we go our own way. We work from our own strength and we believe in our products. We are open to new developments and are always looking for ways to do things even better. We are not guided by how others do it, but follow our heart in all the decisions we make, always with the well-being of humans and animals in mind.

FD gazelle award (8x)

The FD Gazelle Award is a prestigious prize from a dutch newspaper called "Het Financieel Dagblad" for fast-growing companies. This year we received our eighth FD gazelle award, and we are very proud of that. But we are even more proud of our great team, because without them we could not have achieved these awards. 



Johnson Petfoods is committed to animal welfare. That is why we regularly donate a pallet of packaging (for example with transport damage) to a good cause. Think of food banks for pets, shelters and shelters. In this way we do not waste anything, and we help owners (and animals) who for whatever reason (temporarily) have less.

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