My dog suffers from dandruff

Dandruff can be recognized if there are dry or oily flakes on the dog's skin. The cause is usually a disruption in the production of skin lubrication or a lack of essential fatty acids in the diet. Dander is not always dandruff; it can also be the result of scabies, yeast or fungal infection or hormonal disturbance. Before you start treating dandruff, see if you are sure that it is not one of these other causes.

Causes of dandruff in dogs

  • Diet without omega 3 and 6, protein, or vitamin A to support the skin
  • Environmental factors such as moulting or temperature differences
  • Infections of lice or mites.

Symptoms of dandruff in dogs

Dandruff is common in puppies with medium/ long fur. If your dog suffers from dandruff, he scratches or bites himself regularly. There are also white flakes in the coat and/or in his basket. It depends on how serious the rose and the cause is, but there can also be scabs, hair loss and irregular bald patches in the dog.

Treatment of dandruff in dogs

There are several ways you can do to get your dog off its dandruff such as:

  • Give food with nutrients that are good for skin and coat.
  • Use special dog shampoo.
  • Keep the environment at a good temperature.
  • Discuss a certain diet with the veterinarian.
  • Make sure your dog gets enough water.