From puppy to adult dog food; when and how?

We're sorry, but a puppy doesn't always stay a puppy. The small, cute and innocent dog becomes an adult after about a year. However, you do get a most loyal friend in return. That's why, of course, you think it's important that your dog gets the right nutrition. As your dog grows, he or she also has different nutritional needs. Puppies also definitely need different nutrients than adult dogs. The only question is; when can you switch from puppy to adult dog food? And what is the best way to do this?


When should you switch to adult dog food?

When your dog should switch to adult dog food depends on its adult weight. In fact, puppies of small dog breeds mature earlier than puppies of large or giant breeds. This also means that small breed pups switch to adult dog food earlier. Below is a clear overview of when your puppy may switch to adult dog food:



Adult weight

When adult food?

Small breed


1 to 10 kilograms

10 – 12 months

Middle breeds

(Border Collie)

10 to 25 kilograms

12 – 15 months

Big breeds


25 to 45 kilograms

15 – 18 months

Giant breeds

(German dog)

45 kilograms ore more

18 – 24 months


What is the best way to switch to adult dog food?

When switching from puppy food to adult dog food, it is best to do it gradually. You can then switch to adult dog food over a period of 6 to 9 days.

- Day 1 & 2: Mix 75% puppy food with 25% adult dog food
- Day 3 & 4: Mix 50% puppy food with 50% food for adult dogs
- Day 5 & 6: Mix 25% puppy food with 75% adult dog food
- Day 7: You may now fully transition your dog to adult dog food

If your puppy has a sensitive digestive tract, you may take 3 days per step instead of 2 days. When you gradually switch to food for adult dogs, you reduce the chance of gastrointestinal problems.


How many meals do you give per day?

Puppies need several meals a day compared to adult dogs. A puppy is in the midst of growth, so they use up the energy from food faster. As a result, they also need new fuel faster than adult dogs. Puppies younger than 6 months are best fed 4 meals a day. Puppies older than 6 months should only be given 3 meals a day. When you switch your four-legged friend to food for adult dogs, you may reduce the amount of meals one more time. Adult dogs get 2 meals a day.


Is your pup getting picky with his food?

Some puppies indicate for themselves when it is time to switch to adult food. For example, they leave out some of the puppy food simply because they have absorbed enough energy from the rest of the food. This is because puppy food contains much more energy than adult dog food. So when it is almost time to switch, your puppy can become much pickier and you can switch to adult food.

As you now know, it is important that the transition from puppy food to adult dog food be done incrementally. We at Riverwood carry puppy food as well as adult dog food.

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