What is good dog food?

For your dog, you want the very best. But what is the best dog food? What does good dog food meet? We would like to tell you what the best dog food has to satisfy?

You can already get a lot of information about the food from its composition. For example, you can see which ingredient makes up the largest proportion of the food; the ingredients in the composition are always listed in descending order.


Characteristics of good dog food

1. Good dog food has meat as the 1st ingredient
The digestive tract of dogs is built for digesting meat. Therefore, meat is an easily digestible source of protein for our faithful four-legged friends. Moreover, meat is a source of essential vitamins and minerals.

2. Good dog food contains no animal by-products 
Avoid dog food that displays in its composition that it contains animal by-products. Animal by-products are often less digestible and when they are included in the food, you do not know exactly which animals the meat by-products came from.

3. Highly digestible dog food contains no grains, or is low in grains 
Ingredients such as grains, especially if they are included in the food in large quantities or if the quality is not good, can reduce the digestibility of the food. The fewer grains processed in the food, the better.

4. The best dog food is 100% natural 
At Riverwood, we believe that artificial fragrances, colors and flavors do not belong in dog food. These artificial additives have no positive impact on the nutrients. Artificial preservatives also do not belong in pet food, for example BHA and BHT. These preservatives can result in nasty health problems.

5. The best dog food contains a potent blend of natural antioxidants
A blend of natural, powerful antioxidants has a supportive effect on your four-legged friend's health. Riverwood's formulas are preserved with powerful, natural antioxidants.

Good dog food is important. As described above, there are several characteristics that allow you to know if dog food is right for your four-legged friend. Grain-free dog food and dog food with meat are the most important. These can be found in our assortment!

Lots of dogs already enjoy Riverwood every day. Would you also like your dog to feast on our delicious foods and are you curious which variety would suit your dog best? Then answer a few questions here and order an inexpensive sample pack right away.