The digestion of a dog

It is important to know that a dog's digestive system  is different from that of a human. Digestion is important to make the diet suitable for absorption into the blood and lymphatic vessels. Digestion depends on the intestinal flora and various digestive juices. Digestive problems can occur in any dog with different types of causes.


Causes of a digestive problem in dogs

Common causes of a digestive problem are:

  • Change of feed
  • Bad quality of feed
  • Allergic reactions to nutrients.

Symptoms of digestive problems in dogs

  • Bad breath
  • Different stool
  • Less appetite
  • Fever
  • Weight loss
  • Vomit

If you are not sure if your dog suffers from a digestive problem, it is wise to go to the veterinarian. In addition, diets with easily digestible proteins are a good method. Take a look at Riverwood's range, with no less than three types of animal protein!


Disruption of the intestinal flora

The balance in the bacterial balance in the intestines is very sensitive. Causes of poor balance can be due to the change of feed, worm contamination, weather conditions and stress situations such as removals. Periods of malnutrition, disease, antibiotics or other medications can also disturb the intestinal flora. As dogs age, the intestinal flora can slowly become unbalanced.                                                                          

When the intestinal flora is disturbed, the important bacteria are made harmful to digestion. This process reduces the absorption of nutrients. This includes various complaints, such as lagging in growth, reduced fitness, poor moulting, poor repair after exercise, slacker stools and suffering from abdominal pain and flatulence. In addition, there can also be a rapid and drastic imbalance. The symptoms are sudden diarrhea or abdominal cramps. It is very important that the balance is restored. This promotes your dog's health.


Probiotics as a solution

To promote the development of a healthy intestinal flora, prebiotics can be the solution. Probiotics  are good gut bacteria that ensure that the intestinal flora remains in balance. If there are probiotics  in the dog's food, it keeps your dog healthy and resilient.