Unhealthy coat signs in dogs: causes and treatment

If a dog has a poor coat condition, he regularly gets multiple coat and skin problems. Think of bald patches, hair loss, a difficult moult, itching, dull coat or a pale coat color.

There are several causes and treatments for a bad coat. We will deal with this one by one.

Poor quality of nutrition:

If the dog does not receive enough important nutrients, it can be bad for health. This can often be seen first from the coat. Giving a good diet is therefore also the most important thing to keep the coat in a good condition. Also, adding essential fatty acids of fish oil daily can provide support to the skin and coat.

Wrong grooming:

There are so many dog breeds in the world and each breed has its own fur and the associated care. Breed associations and beauty salons can advise you on how and with which brushes the coat of your dog breed can best be cared for. Brushing removes dirty hair, old hair, tangles, and ensures that sebum is evenly distributed over the coat.

Not enough movement outside:

If you let your dog walk in the fresh air every day, the skin can breathe. In addition, the circulation is stimulated and it improves the condition of the dog and therefore the skin and coat get better.


It's not good if you wash your dog too often. The protective layer of skin and fur can go away and is therefore no longer water-repellent. The skin then dries out faster and is more susceptible to infections. Also buy a special dog shampoo, other shampoo can cause the skin to become very irritated and the coat to dull. Also wash the dog but up to 2 times a year or if it is really necessary.


Unwanted guests, such as lice, mites, mold and fleas, can be a nuisance to your dog. Parasites cause a lot of itching, which in turn causes bald patches, skin inflammation and discoloration of the coat. Therefore, ensure proper defrosting. If you think your dog suffers from scabies or a fungal infection, contact the veterinarian.


Stress and certain diseases (such as Cushing's disease) can cause hormonal imbalance, this also affects the skin and coat; the dog will lose more hair than it normally does, the coat will become thinner and bald patches may develop. Castration and sterilization can change the coat structure.

Temperature in the house:

The temperature in the house is often too hot and too dry for the dog. Also, the light hours are artificial, which can confuse the dog. What we like can clash with what the dog would like. Therefore, make sure that the dog gets a good berth where it is preferably cool and moderately lit.